Prepping with Kids

prepping with kids

As a prepper, getting your kids involved in preparing for an emergency is tough. It involves tact and patience. For example, when they are infant children, they may not be of any help because, at that stage, they pose a security risk. They need to be watched, they are loud, they are highly vulnerable, and […]

Bug Out Bag Foods

Bug Out Bag

How ready are you for an emergency? If you don’t have your bug-out kit with enough supplies to last for as long as the situation lasts, then you are not ready. Food is important for the body. So you must pack enough food to help you survive. As simple as this sounds, we may not […]

EMP Survival Guide

EMP Survival Guide

The threat of an electro-magnetic pulse wiping out the entire power grid gradually moves from fiction to reality. An EMP event creates a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can destroy or disrupt electronic systems and devices. The detonation of EMP can occur naturally as a pulse from a massive solar flare, but such a […]