How ready are you for an emergency? If you don’t have your bug-out kit with enough supplies to last for as long as the situation lasts, then you are not ready. Food is important for the body.

So you must pack enough food to help you survive. As simple as this sounds, we may not be able to get this done without some help. When getting ready to bug out, you have to consider a lot of possibilities to help you pack the right food items.

Factors To Consider When Packing Your Bug Out Bag

Health status

Health is wealth, and you should remember this when packing for a bug out. You may be out there for more than 72 hours, which means you will be far away from refilling your healthy meals.

If you have any illness, ensure that you only pack food items that are healthy for you. Avoid any food item that you may be allergic to. You do not want to have a health crisis in a place where you’re not sure about access to a clinic.

Likes and dislikes

Canned food may seem like the easiest way to go, but you should avoid food items that you don’t like or eat. Because you have chosen to bug out doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy to eat any kind of food.

Group size

The number of people going on the bug out with you matters when packing food items. This will help you pack enough food to go around.

Shelf life

Only pack food items that last for months or even years. This way, you don’t have to update your bug-out bag often.

Basic Food Items A Bug Out Bag Should Contain

Dehydrated foods

Pack up food items like fruits, meat, or vegetables which do not have moisture in them. The moisture in these food items is dried out to preserve them from spoiling and help them last for a long time. To extend the shelf life of your dehydrated food, properly seal it in a bag to prevent oxidation.

Dry pasta and noodles

When on a bug out, whole meals may be a luxury. Noodles and pasta are two quick food items, but they can make you feel like you have a whole, homemade meal. Cooking dry pasta or noodles may seem bland, but you can add a little salt and other spices to taste.

Meat pouches

Packing meat is important because it adds variety to your meal. You should buy chicken, tuna, or prepper staple in various meat pouches.


This is a go-to meal that is rich and refilling. It is fast to prepare and does not consume much water. You can add sauce and meat to this meal for variety.

Dried fruits and nuts

Nuts are good snacks with high fiber content. Keeping them in your bug-out bag may reduce their shelf life, so ensure that you bring them out once in a while so that they stay fresh.

Biscuits and cereals

These are snacks that could serve as food because they are quite filling. You can take them with powdered/dehydrated milk.

Caffeine and sugar

Instant tea and coffees are a great addition to any bug-out bag. With these in your bag, you don’t have to worry about drinking only water because they are refreshing and offer a different taste.

Freeze-dried ice cream

You should add freeze-dried ice cream to your bug-out bag. Its water content is removed by the freeze-drying method and then sealed in a bag. The best part is, it does not need freezing after being dried. It usually has a shelf life of about three years.

Long-term food packets

These include military rations and MREs. They cost a lot, so don’t worry if you can’t afford them. Many people pack bug out bags without them. But if you can, they are great to have.

Sardine tins

Sardines are rich in protein and offer healthy calories. Pack them in your bug-out bag. However, ensure that you don’t carry a lot because of the weight of the tins.

It is best to update your bag every six months to keep having fresh food. Make your bag as light as possible. Food items that are easy to prepare or that don’t need preparation are ideal for the best food bug out bag. With a bug-out bag that has the above-listed foods, you will be ready for any emergency.

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