Prepping with Kids

prepping with kids

As a prepper, getting your kids involved in preparing for an emergency is tough. It involves tact and patience. For example, when they are infant children, they may not be of any help because, at that stage, they pose a security risk. They need to be watched, they are loud, they are highly vulnerable, and […]

Bug Out Bag Foods

Bug Out Bag

How ready are you for an emergency? If you don’t have your bug-out kit with enough supplies to last for as long as the situation lasts, then you are not ready. Food is important for the body. So you must pack enough food to help you survive. As simple as this sounds, we may not […]

EMP Survival Guide

EMP Survival Guide

The threat of an electro-magnetic pulse wiping out the entire power grid gradually moves from fiction to reality. An EMP event creates a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can destroy or disrupt electronic systems and devices. The detonation of EMP can occur naturally as a pulse from a massive solar flare, but such a […]

5 Efficient New Sources of Energy

sources of energy

Our world is experiencing a growing need for energy. This is due to the everyday invention of new technologies and equipment that need energy to function and better the human standard of living. Also, the ever-increasing population size of the world has pushed energy demand to its limits. There are different kinds of energy sources […]

Eco Green Living Tips for Beginners

We can all choose to live sustainably for an indefinite period. Without contributing to the damage of our environment, and without depleting its resources. Green living aims to achieve a healthy environment by making green decisions when it comes to our everyday living. What do we purchase? What do we eat? How do we travel? […]

Home Insulating 101

home insulator

Insulation helps protect the home against adverse weather conditions, especially in regions where the climate is colder. It is also important in reducing energy bills as insulation offers a non-electric method of retaining heat inside your home. However, it is possible to over insulate and under insulate your home. The benefit of home insulation is […]

Storing Food the Green Way

food storage

Food storage is a top priority for everyone who loves home cooking. It is also a thing of concern for those who love to buy food,mostly in large quantities, perhaps to serve them for a week or a month. Knowing the right way to store food will bring about the following benefits: It will enable […]

How To Cut Down On Water Consumption

Cut Down Water Consumption

Water dominates our ecosphere. It occupies up to 70% of the Earth [1]. Yet, much of it is not usable. We need clean water to survive as living beings, as well as sustain our environment. Water makes it possible for human activities to occur and this makes water crucial. Unfortunately, more and more people are […]

Energy Saving Habits to Develop

energy saving habits

We’re often inefficient in our electricity consumption and may see saving energy as an expensive and time-consuming strategy. We could be wasting energy unintentionally and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions [2]. Energy-saving should be a lifestyle, everyone should adjust to the habit of switching off appliances, light bulbs, and fans when not in use. When […]